And it was raining


And it was raining 2006, video, 07'05", voice-over Kelly Hirina


The video "And it was raining" is a combination of satellite images, which are taken from a landscape of a specific Japanese mountain area. Two images next each other in one frame of video look almost the same but their slight difference creates an illusion of 3D. In this video I combine a monologue about memory. I use monologue, yet it was based on a dialogue with a friend who visited Japan for the first time. We talk about the memory of the trip during which we shared the same experiences, however, the memories sometimes differ from each other.

Three pairs of satellite images are subtly switched into each other by morphing program. The effects of morphing combined with the slow movement of zooming in and out create in a viewer a slightly hallucinatory feeling. It makes the parallel sense of the coincidence and inconsistency of the memory stronger.



Installation view at De Brakke Grond