Horizon 1&2 2006, paper, paint, wood, plaster, fibrous textile, metal, 300X600X200cm


The installation 'Horizon 1&2' consists of a letters sculpture on to a wall and a free standing landscape sculpture. I discovered the perception of horizon is something different in Western culture and Japanese culture. I try to represent a view of horizon in this installation. Installing letters in to a wall creates horizontal lines, however, the sentences say opposite about horizon: 'I am not familiar with the horizon. Sometimes I could see the mountains between buildings and houses.'  

The freestanding sculpture is a model of imaginary landscape, which is made in symbolic flower form. For example this shape can be reminiscent of a chrysanthemum, which is a symbol of the Japanese imperial household. The form can be also viewed as a lotus flower, a symbol of Buddha. I create imaginary landscape in the flower form that people could imagine if they stand in the middle of this model, the height of your horizon increase because of the hilliness of the form. I bring this sculpture to the same level as the wall sculpture so that you can look across to the horizon.